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Task 9

Task 9 Lemons for Livie

Please watch this video to see Mr O'Connell explain this week's task Lemons for Livie which is a fundraiser for a very sick little girl called Livie who needs an operation which is very expensive. Garda Mary Gardiner is organising this fundraiser and it is such a great cause. Click Lemons for Livie to watch Master eating his lemon which is very funny and please donate if you can help. Thanks everyone!

Livie Mulhearn is a 10 month old girl who has been diagnosed with sma type 1. She requires medical treatment in the US which costs $2.1 million . She needs our help. She needs this treatment before she turns 2 years of age... you can read about livie at “ a better life for livie” on Facebook and Instagram.
so .... to help livie I’ve come up with a challenge ...... LEMONS FOR LIVIE
its easy ...... 
Half a lemon..... bite into it for 10 seconds .... video yourself doing it, donate and nominate 5 people to do it....
A little sour taste for us for 10 seconds could mean a sweeter life for livie xxx
Thanks everyone .... 

Donate by clicking GO FUND ME LEMONS FOR LIVIE if you can. Thank you! 


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