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Science 3rd and 4th

Ms Sorcha Ryan’s 3rd Class have been looking at Space with student teacher Ms Hanafin this week. They have looked at the Planets, the Moon and they looked at Light for Science, in particular Transparency and Opaque. They got to test several items to see if they were transparent or opaque.

For science week, Ms Olivia O’Shea’s 4th class hosted their own science fair and presented their own researched experiment to the class. Each child explained what steps they followed and the results of their experiments. A lot of fun and learning took place. We had lava lamps, volcanic eruptions, rainbows, fizzy orange, making ur own fanta, experiments to measure the amount of rainfall last night, slime, oobleck, hovercraft, dancing milk, edible play dough, storm in a jar, inflating a balloon using a chemical reaction between baking soda and vinegar, a bouncy egg and elephant toothpaste. All the children really enjoyed it and should great teamwork and creativity. Great fun and mess was enjoyed 😊

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