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Science 1st and 2nd classes

Mrs Gillian Lawlor’s 2nd class had a science fair n 13th November as part of Science Week 2020. Children were invited to bring in their own experiments and they were excellent to demonstrate and explain their projects. One boy Daire H. even showed the class how to do CPR. Here is Callum above who showed great ability in teaching the class about his experiment. Well done to all the children in 2nd!

Ms Roisin Doyle's 1st Class asked the question: How do animals of Antarctica survive the icy waters of the southern ocean? Children discovered that the layers of blubber on their bodies act as a brilliant insulator and keep them nice and toasty. They also made a snowstorm in a jar on Friday 13th November 2020. See the photos below the 2nd class ones.

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