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Health Promoting School

13 members of the HPS Committee spoke about 3 issues on 18/11/2019 following a meeting led by Mrs Edel OSullivan last week. Well done to those children who spoke so well in front of an entire school assembly.

There were 3 main issues followed by a brief question and answer session.

1. Healthy lunch boxes. It was decided by the committee that one lucky class will win 20 minutes extra playtime in the yard on a fine day for one class. 
2. The Daily Mile. To encourage more to run for more continuous laps of the school, we will now all have have running partners assigned to us to help us to keep running and get encouragement.
3. The Food Dudes. This will begin Wednesday 20/11/2019 for all classes. Children will be encouraged to taste and eat fruit and vegetables and be rewarded for their efforts with stickers and prizes.

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