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On 26th January we were visited by the Sam Maguire cup! (Or the “Kerry” cup as it was overheard being called). It was accompanied by players David Moran, Joe O Connor, Stefan Okunbor and Greg Horan. David Moran said if we gave a loud enough cheer that we might get off homework and honestly the roof almost lifted with roars! Mr O’ Connell acknowledged the stellar career David Moran had for the past 15 years in the Kerry jersey and we wished him well in his retirement.
The players addressed the entire school in the hall and later, each class got to pose for photos. They all autographed a sheet which was copied and given to everyone going home. Thanks so much to the players for their time.
Thanks to Joe Costello of St. Pat’s who organised this for us and sincere thanks to Joe for presenting the school with a framed photo of this winning Kerry team.

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